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(YFB-45: length 145'0"; beam 44'0"; complement 4)

Ferryboat Sheffield (YFB-45) was placed in service in 1944 at Pearl Harbor in the 14th Naval District. Manned by a civilian crew, and with a capacity of about 30 vehicles, she made daily runs between Halawa and Ford Island, a distance of about one mile, for the next 16 years.

A letter from the Commanding Officer of the Naval Air Station on Ford Island noted, somewhat ambiguously, that "much has been said of this vessel by the residents of Ford Island, but so far there have been no official awards." After a "more or less sedentary existence," the ferryboat was struck from the Navy list in October 1960 and she was disposed of at an unspecified later date.

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Published: Wed Sep 09 11:53:21 EDT 2015