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Juniata III (IX-77)

(IX-77: t. 242; l. 134'; b. 28'2"; dr. 17'5"; s. 11 k.)

A river in Pennsylvania emptying into the Susquehanna.


The third Juniata, formerly Vega, was built in 1930 by Krupp, of Kiel, Germany, and purchased by the Navy from her owner, H. W. Rohl, of Los Angeles, in 1942. Delivered 20 July, she was placed in service 11 August 1942.

Juniata was assigned to the Western Sea Frontier and was based at San Francisco. She alternated with other ships on patrol on the great circle route to Hawaii, steaming to and from her station some 500 miles west of Eureka, Calif. Juniata was placed out of service at Treasure Island, San Francisco. 1 January 1945, returned to the Maritime Commission, and sold to a private owner in June 1945.

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