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(ScStr: t. 390; l. 162'; b. 23'; dph. 12'3"; dr. 6'; cpl. 43; s. 10-14 k.)

Don was the iron, twin-screw, two-stacked running mate of Hansa-both of which were blockade-runners operated and partly owned by the State of North Carolina and are generally considered to have been public vessels for all practical purposes. A Captain Cory commanded Don when, as a still new, $115,000 ship carrying a $200,000 cargo of Army uniforms, blankets and shoes in from Nassau, she fell prey to USS Pequot, 4 March 1864, on her third attempt that voyage to run into Wilmington, N.C.

She was purchased from the Boston prize court next month and commissioned USS Don, assigned to the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron which had captured her. She was sold to commercial interests 28 August 1868 after being stricken from the Navy register.