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L53-21.02.01 "Sensible Japs"

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Title: L53-21.02.01 "Sensible Japs"
Caption: "There are no mass surrenders of the Pacific front. Impregnated with the Bushido spirit, most of the Japs prefer suicide to becoming prisoners. Some of the enemy, however, choose to live rather than hazard the doubtful reward of dying for the Emperor in Samurai fashion. These are a few of the sensible Japs.

Resembling American cartoonists' prewar conception of the 'G.I. Jap,' this captured enemy waits passively for interrogation by intelligence officers on Guam. Note how closely the Marine on the left watches - looks are deceiving!"  File Number TR-10964 Released: June 22, 1945
Accession #: L53
Catalog #: L53-21.02.01
Copyright Owner: Official U.S. Navy Photograph
Original Date: 1945-06-22
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  • POW - Prisoner of War
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  • Photograph
Wars & Conflicts
  • World War II 1939-1945
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