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U-2513 (World War II Prize Submarine)


(Former German Submarine: dp 1,621 (surf.), 1,819 (subm.); 1. 251'9"; b. 21'9"; dr. 20'3"; s. 15- to 16 k.; cpl. 57; a. 6 21" tt., 4 20 mm.; cl. U-2501)

U-2513, a former German Type XXI submarine constructed in late 1944 and early 1945 by Blohm & Voss at Hamburg, Germany, was surrendered to the Allies at Horten, Norway, after the collapse of Nazi Germany in May 1945. No records have been found to indicate whether or not she was ever commissioned in the Kriegsmarine, but the location of her surrender suggests that she may well have been at least placed in service, though perhaps hastily in the spring of 1945 to escape advancing Allied forces. In any event, it is certain that she made no war cruises. Documents covering her activities between May 1945 and mid-1946, at which time the United States Navy took possession of her, are likewise unavailable. In all probability, however, she lay at dockside in some port in occupied Germany or perhaps in an Allied harbor.

The first real record of her activities begins in August 1946 with her arrival in Charleston, S.C. Presumably, that arrival coincided with the end of her voyage from Europe to the United States. At Charleston, the submarine underwent an extensive overhaul which was completed late in September. On the 24th, she departed Charleston and headed for Key West, Fla. The following day, she began six months of duty which included both evaluation tests of the U-boat's design and duty in conjunction with the development of submarine and antisubmarine tactics.

On 15 March 1947, she headed north from Key West, bound for the New England coast, and arrived at Portsmouth, N.H., on the 22d. She remained there until 8 September when she began six weeks of operations out of Portsmouth and New London, Conn., under the auspices of the Commander, Submarines, Atlantic Fleet. She concluded that duty on 15 October and departed New London to return to Key West. U-2513 resumed her old duties at Key West five days later and continued them until the summer of 1949. In mid-June 1949, the submarine moved from Key West north, via Norfolk, Va., to Portsmouth, N.H., where she was placed out of service in July 1949. She remained at Portsmouth until August 1951 at which time she was moved to Key West. On 2 September 1951, the Chief of Naval Operations ordered that U-2513 be sunk by gunfire. Presumably, that decision was carried out soon thereafter, though the exact date of the action is not recorded.

Published: Thu Feb 25 08:47:07 EST 2021