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(ScStr: t. 392 (gr.); l. 164'; b. 30'; dr. 7'3" (mean); cpl. 30; a. 2 guns)

The trees or shrubs of the Aceraceae family with opposite leaves and a fruit of two united samaras or winged seeds. The hard, light‑colored, close‑grained wood of maple is used for flooring and furniture, and its sap for maple syrup.


Maple, a tender, was built in 1893 at Elizabethport, N.J.; transferred to the Navy from the U.S. Lighthouse Service 11 April 1917; and placed in service 1 November 1918.

Assigned to the 5th Naval District, Maple performed patrol duties off Norfolk, Va., until 1 July 1919 when she was returned to the U.S. Lighthouse Service, again under the Department of Commerce. After service as Nichols No. 6, the tender was renamed McLain No. 300 for duty with the McLain Caroline Line, Inc., New York, N.Y., through 1948.

Maple (AN‑25) was renamed Hackberry (q.v.) 16 October 1940 shortly before launching 28 October 1940.