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(SP-2700: t. 3,389; l. 398'; b. 50'; dr. 18'6"; s. 15 k.; cpl. 226; a. 15", 13")

A former name retained.

Lenape, a troop transport, was launched by Newport News Shipbuilding Co., Newport News. Va., in 1912 operated as an Army transport during the first part of World War I; acquired by the Navy 10 April 1918; and commissioned 24 April 1918, Comdr. Robert Morris in command.

Lenape sailed early in May 1918 with troops and equipment for European duty, arriving Brest, France, on the 23d. After returning to Newport News 6 June, the transport made two additional voyages to France, debarking troops at French ports for the vital campaigns of World War I. Returning from her third cruise in late summer, Lenape was returned to the Army 28 October 1918.