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James K. Polk (SSB(N)-645)


(SSB(N)-645; displacement 7,250 (surfaced); 8,250 (submerged); length 425'; beam 33'; draft 31'5"; speed over 20 knots; complement 140; armament 16 Polaris missiles; class Benjamin Franklin)

James K. Polk, 11th President of the United States, was born 2 November 1795, in Meeklenburg County, N.C. A leading Jacksonian Democrat in the Tennessee State Legislature, he was not yet 50 years old when inaugurated President of the United States 4 March 1845. He ably conducted the Mexican War following the annexation of Texas. The "Four Great Measures" he announced for his administration were all achieved: the reduction of tariff; the reestablishment of the Independent Treasury System; the settlement of the Oregon dispute with Great Britain; and the acquisition of California. More territory was added to the United States under Polk than any other President except Jefferson. Few presidents worked harder. His arduous and conscientious labor during his term so undermined his health that he died 15 June 1894, some 3 months after he left the White House.

James K. Polk (SSB(N)-645) was launched 22 May 1965 by the Electric Boat Div., General Dynamics Corp., Groton, Conn.; sponsored by Mrs. Horacio Rivero, Jr., wife of Admiral Rivero, the Vice Chief of Naval Operations; and commissioned 16 April 1966, Comdr. R. M. Douglass (blue crew) and Comdr. F. D. McMullen, Jr. (gold crew), in command.

Assigned to the Atlantic Fleet, she roams the seas, a silent and unseen deterent against aggression.

Published: Wed Jul 05 11:38:49 EDT 2023