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(NOTS: dp. 10,562 t.; l. 377'; b. 52'; dr. 23'10"; sp. 10.5 k.; cpl. 90)

Hickman was built by Standard Steamboat Co. of New York in 1918; acquired from the USSB on 16 November 1918; and commissioned at Shooters Island, N.Y., on 16 November 1918, Lt. Comdr. Carl Gustave Muller in command.

After loading cargo at New York, Hickman sailed for France on 7 December 1918, arriving at La Pallic Roads on 22 December after a rough passage in which one of the crew was lost overboard. She unloaded cargo there and, taking on a few passengers for the States, sailed on 27 January 1919 and arrived at New York on 17 February in an even rougher passage with winds in the North Atlantic reaching hurricane force. She decommissioned there 5 March 1919 and was returned to the USSB.