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Gilmer II (PC-565)

(PC-565: dp. 295; l. 173'8" ; b. 23'; dr. l0'l0" ; s. 20 k.; cpl. 59; a. 1 3", 1 40mm., 3 20mm., 2 rkt, 4 dcp., 2 dct.; cl. PC-461)

Thomas Walker Gilmer, born 6 April 1802 in Albemarle County, Va., served for many years in the Virginia House of Delegates, became Governor of Virginia in 1840, and was elected to Congress in 1841. He was appointed Secretary of the Navy by President Tyler 15 February 1844 but was killed 28 February 1844 by the bursting of a gun while on board USS Princeton.


The second Gilmer (PC-565) was laid down as PC-565 by Brown Shipbuilding Co., Houston, Tex. 14 August 1941; launched 27 February 1942; sponsored by Miss Jacqueline B. Perry; and commissioned 25 April, Lt. Walter T. Flynn in command.

After shakedown off Florida, PC-565 engaged in ASW training, then performed convoy escort and patrol duty in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. On 2 June while escorting a southbound convoy from New York to Cuba, she made an underwater sound contact and immediately attacked. After PC-565 dropped a depth charge barrage the submarine U-5%1 surfaced to be met with 20mm. gunfire. Several hits were scored and the enemy U-boat went under only to be met with another depth charge barrage. Large oil slicks and debris resulted, proving the destruction of the German U-boat. A survivor of the submarine was rescued and his testimony substantiated PC-565's victorious encounter.

Departing New York 25 March 1944, PC-565 sailed en-route to England where she joined the amphibious forces in preparation for the landing in Northern France. On 4 June she sailed from England arriving off the Normandy beaches 2 days later. There she effectively performed ASW patrols, antiaircraft defense, and shuttle control duties.

Throughout the rest of the war, PC-565 remained in Europe on escort and patrol missions in the North Sea-English Channel area. Departing Bremerhaven 4 October 1945, the submarine chaser steamed for the United States, arriving Norfolk on the 22d. Two months later she arrived Green Cove Springs, Fla., and decommissioned 26 April 1946, joining the Atlantic Reserve Fleet. PC-565 was named Winner 15 February 1956. She was stricken from the Navy List 1 July 1960, and sold to Venezuela.

PO-565 received two battle stars during World War II service.

Published: Mon Jul 13 10:29:14 EDT 2015