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Du Pont III (DD-941)

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Caption: USS DuPont (DD-941)

(DD-941: dp. 3,807 (f.); l. 418'5"; b. 45'1"; dr. 14'2"; s. 30 k.; cpl. 311; a. 3 5", 4 3", 4 21" tt, 1 dct.; cl. Forrest Sherman)

Samuel Francis Du Pont, born 27 September 1803 in Bergen Point, N.J., became a midshipman 19 December 1815. He commanded the sloop Cyane during the Mexican War and gave distinguished service at San Diego, Mazatlan, San Jose, and other ports. In command of the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron from 18 September 1861 to 3 June 1863, he directed many operations along the coast including the victorious campaign which resulted in the fall of Port Royal, S.C., 7 November 1861. For this accomplishment he received the thanks of Congress. Rear Admiral Du Pont died 23 June 1865 in Philadelphia, Pa.


The third Du Pont (DD-941) was launched 8 September 1956 by Bath Iron Works Corp., Bath, Maine; sponsored by Mrs. H. B. Du Pont, great-great-grandniece of Rear Admiral Du Pont; and commissioned 1 July 1957, Commander W. J. Maddocks in command.

From 6 to 31 July 1958 Du Pont served on a midshipman cruise and antisubmarine exercises in the Atlantic, duty broken by a visit to New York. Du Pont sailed 2 September for a tour of duty with the 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean, during which she participated in highly realistic air defense and antisubmarine warfare problems. She returned to Norfolk 12 March 1959, to prepare for Operation "Inland Sea," the historic first passage of a naval task force into the Great Lakes through the Saint Lawrence Seaway. She escorted HMS Brittania with Queen Elisabeth II of England embarked during the dedicatory ceremonies of 26 June.

Du Pont crossed the Atlantic in August and September 1959, visiting Southhampton, England, after serving as plane guard for the transatlantic flight of President D. D. Eisenhower. On 28 January 1960 Du Pont sailed from Norfolk for a second tour of duty with the 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean, returning to Norfolk on 31 August for an overhaul in the Naval Shipyard where she remained through the end of 1960.

List of Commanding Officers.

Commanding Officer Date assumed command
CDR William J. Maddocks 1 Jul 1957
LCDR Melvin W. Cassidy 14 Oct 1957
CDR Daniel M. Karcher 29 Oct 1957
CDR Joseph C. Spitler 7 Aug 1958
CDR Paul E. Arbo 24 Jul 1959
CDR L. L. Voiler 17 Jul 1961
CDR J. M. Hornbrook 14 Sep 1963
CDR E. P. Stilwell 9 Feb 1965
CDR Robert H. Small, Jr. 2 Dec 1966
Ship Decommissioned 16 May 1969
Ship Recommissioned 9 May 1970
CDR Winfred P. Allen 9 May 1970
LCDR Grant A. Sharp 6 Mar 1971
LCDR James A. Shreckengaust 1972
LCDR James E. Hancock 25 Jan 1974
CDR Charles D. Collis 22 Dec 1975
CDR John A. Carbone 18 Nov 1977
CDR Harlan K. Ullman 8 Jan 1980
CDR Billy G. Taylor 18 Dec 1981
CDR John S. Burrows III circa 1982

Du Pont decommissioned on 4 March 1983 and was sold for scrap on 11 December 1992.



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