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Comfort I (AH-3)


(Hospital Ship No. 3: displacement 10,102; length 429'10"; beam 50'2"; draft 26'; speed. 18 knots; complement 318; class Comfort)

Havana was built in 1906 by William Cramp & Sons Ship & Engine Building Co., Philadelphia, Pa., and served as a U.S. Army Transport. She was transferred from the War Department on 17 July 1917; outfitted at the New York Navy Yard by John N. Robins Co., Brooklyn, N.Y.; renamed Comfort  on 14 March 1918; and commissioned on 18 March 1918, Medical Inspector C. M. Oman, USN, commanding.

After serving from 24 July to 5 October 1918 as a floating hospital at New York, Comfort joined the Cruiser and Transport Force, Atlantic Fleet, to return wounded men from Europe. In three voyages between 21 October 1918 and 13 March 1919 she brought home 1,183 men from France, Britain, and the Azores. She sailed from Charleston, S.C., on 9 June for repairs at the Mare Island Navy Yard, Va;llejo, Calif., where she went in ordinary (a non-commissioned status) on 11 September, and was decommissioned on 5 August 1921. She was sold at Mare Island on 1 April 1925.


Comfort (APH-1) was renamed Tryon (q.v.) previous to commissioning.

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