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U-3008 (World War II Prize Submarine)


(Former German Submarine: dp. 1,621 (surf.), 1,819 (subm.); 1. 251'9"; b. 21'9"; dr. 20'3"; s. 15- to 16 k.; cpl. 57; a. 6 21" tt., 4 20mm.; cl. U-2501)

U-3008, a former German Type XXI submarine built in late 1944 and early 1945 by Aktiengesellschaft Weser at Bremen, Germany, was surrendered to the Allies at Kiel, Germany, in May 1945 immediately following the collapse of Nazi Germany. Probably never commissioned in the Kriegsmarine before the end of the war, the U-boat was turned over to the United States Navy in the summer of 1945. She departed Europe early in August and reached New London, Conn., on the 22d. On 13 September, she moved to Portsmouth, N.H., where she began an extensive overhaul the following day. Work proceeded on an intermittent basis due to the lack of final and total approval of the vessel's allocation to the United States by the Allied powers concerned. However, by the spring of 1946, the naval shipyard received orders to proceed with the overhaul as expeditiously as possible and to place the submarine in service immediately upon its completion. U-3008's overhaul was completed by mid-summer, and she went into service on 24 July 1946, Comdr. Everett H. Steinmetz in charge.

U-3008 was assigned initially to Submarine Squadron (SubRon) 2 and operated along the New England coast out of New London, Conn., and Portsmouth, N.H. That duty continued until the end of March 1947. On the 31st, she departed New London bound ultimately for Key West, Fla., and duty with the Operational Development Force. En route, the U-boat stopped off at Norfolk for three weeks of underway operations with Task Force 67. She continued south on 19 April and arrived at Key West on the 23d. There, she reported for duty with SubRon 4 and began working with the Operational Development Force. That duty involved the development of submarine and antisubmarine tactics and lasted until October 1947 when she returned to New London. The U-boat conducted operations out of New London and Portsmouth between October 1947 and February 1948. On 28 February, she stood out of New London to return to Florida. She reached Key West on 5 March and resumed duty with the Operational Development Force. She remained so engaged until the end of the first week in June. On the 7th, she headed north once more and arrived in Portsmouth on the 11th. On 18 June 1948, U-3008 was placed out of service at the Naval Base, Portsmouth, N.H. Though out of service, U-3008 apparently remained a Navy test hulk for several years because she was in the Navy drydock at Roosevelt Roads at the time she was offered for sale in 1955. She was sold to Loudes Iron & Metal Co. on 15 September 1955, and the purchaser took possession of her on 17 January 1956. She was subsequently scrapped.

Published: Thu Feb 25 08:58:01 EST 2021