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Thistle II (S. P. 1058)

(SP-1058: dp, 41 (gross); 1. 70'; b. 12'; dr. 4'0" (aft); s. 13 mph.; cpl. 9; &. 1 3-pdr., 1 1-pdr.)

A plant having spiney, prickly leaves and white, purple, pink, or yellow flowers.


The second Thistle (S. P. 1058), a wooden-hulled motor boat built in 1907 at Morris Heights, N.Y., by the New York Yacht, Launch & Engine Co., was acquired by the Navy on free lease from Mr. William Emmerich of New York City on 17 August 1917 and was placed in commission on 26 December 1917. Thistle served in the 3d Naval District making patrols of the coast and harbors between New London, Conn., and Barnegat, N.J. However, during her brief service, less than a year, she proved unsuited for the mission required of her, and the Commandant, 3d Naval District, ordered her returned to her owner on 6 July 1918.

Published: Wed Feb 17 08:03:05 EST 2016