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Rampart (AM-282)


A general word classification.

(AM-282: displacement 945; length 184'6"; beam 33"; draft 9'9"; speed 14 knots; complement 104; armament 1 3-inch, 4 40 millimeter, 6 20 millimeter, 2 depth charge projectors, 1 depth charge projector (Hedgehog); class Admirable)

Rampart (AM-282) was laid down on 24 November 1943 by the Gulf Shipbuilding Corp., Chickasaw, Ala.; launched on 30 March 1944; sponsored by Mrs. Frank S. Scott, wife of Lt. Frank S. Scott, attached to the inspection office of the supervisor of shipbuilding at the building yard; and commissioned on 18 November 1944, Lt. Stanley F. Luce in command.

After shakedown in the Gulf of Mexico, Rampart got underway on 8 December 1944 and arrived at Little Creek, Va., five days later. She operated out of Little Creek, conducting minesweeping exercises, until 15 January 1945, when she sailed for Casco Bay, Maine, for antisubmarine warfare training.

Rampart then returned to Hampton Roads, and got underway 25 January 1945 for the Panama Canal Zone, reaching Coco Solo on 1 February. She transited the canal and proceeded, via San Diego, to the Territory of Hawaii, arriving at Pearl Harbor on 24 February. On 7 March she headed back to the west coast, reaching Seattle, Wash., on 19 March.

On 7 April 1945, Rampart departed Seattle for Kodiak, Alaska. A week later, she steamed for Cold Bay, arriving on the 15th. On the 24th, she began shakedown with sailors of the Soviet Navy. The training was completed on 13 May, and, one week later, on 20 May 1945, Rampart was decommissioned and transferred to the Soviet Navy under Lend Lease.

Classified as a tralshik [minesweeper], the ship was given the identification number T-282, and remained in Soviet hands until scrapped in 1960. During that time the ship's American identification number was changed to MSF-282 on 7 February 1955 when she and her sisterships were redesignated as fleet minesweepers.

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