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Milwaukee IV (AOR-2)

(AOR‑2: dp. 40,000; l. 659'; b. 96'; dr. 35'; s. 20 k.; cpl. 325; a. 8 3"; cl. Wichita)

A city and port in southeast Wisconsin.


The fourth Milwaukee (AOR‑2) was laid down 29 November 1966 by General Dynamics Corp., Quincy Yard, Quincy, Mass.; launching scheduled 3 January 1970, to be sponsored by Mrs. Henry Haier, wife of the Mayor of Milwaukee.

Milwaukee (AOR‑2) is the second of a new class of multipurpose replenishment ships being constructed for the Navy. Once in commission, she will operate independently or as a unit of a fast underway replenishment task group. Cargo space and underway transfer equipment is provided for petroleum products, refrigerated and special weapons. She carries the most advanced fueling‑at‑sea equipment and has a rapid cargo discharge capability enhanced by a landing‑launching area for a replenishment helicopter.

Published: Mon Aug 10 12:19:12 EDT 2015