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(IX-162; dp. 5,281 (lt.); l. 366'4"; b. 54'; dr. 26'; cpl. 114; a. 1 40mm., 4 20mm.; cl. Trefoil; T. B7-D1-Barge)

A former name retained.

Lignite (IX-162) was laid down 8 December 1943 by Barrett & Hilp, Belair Shipyard, San Francisco, under a Maritime Commission contract; launched 26 February 1944; sponsored by Miss Catherine Barrett; converted for use as an Army and Marine Corps stores barge by Barrett & Hilp; acquired by the Navy 26 September 1944; and placed in service at San Francisco the same day.

Assigned to Service Force, Pacific Fleet, Lignite served as a general stores and issue barge at advance bases in the Philippines and Okinawa. She continued this duty throughout the remainder of World War II and was one of the unheralded but important units which contributed to making the Navy such an effective fighting force.

While serving at Okinawa after the war, the non-selfpropelled concrete barge was grounded at Buckner Bay 9 October 1945 by Typhoon "Louise", one of the most violent storms ever to strike Okinawa. Lignite, was refloated 16 October, towed to Hong Kong in March 1946, and towed to Subic Bay, Luzon, in May. She was placed out of service at Subic Bay 6 August and returned to the WSA the following day. Her name was struck from the Naval Register 28 August.

Lignite received one battle star for World War II service.

Published: Wed Jul 29 06:08:47 EDT 2015