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Enterprise V (Screw Sloop-of-War)


(ScSlp: dp. 1,375; lbp. 185'; b. 35'; dr. 14'3"; s. 11 k.; cpl. 184; a. 1 11" sb., 4 9", 1 60-pdr.)

Boldness, energy, and invention in practical affairs.


The fifth Enterprise, a bark-rigged screw sloop-of-war, was launched 13 June 1874 at Portsmouth Navy Yard, Kittery, Maine, by John W. Griffith, a private contractor; and commissioned 16 March 1877, Commander G. C. Remey in command.

Enterprise's first duty after fitting out at Norfolk, Va., took her to the mouth of the Mississippi River for surveying operations. Returning to Norfolk in April 1878, she remained there only briefly, sailing 27 May for surveying duty up the Amazon and Madeira Rivers. This completed, she repaired at New York, then (December 1878) joined the U.S. naval forces in European waters, calling at numerous ports in northern Europe and in the Mediterranean. She returned to the Washington Navy Yard on 9 May 1880 and was placed out of commission.

Recommissioned on 12 January 1882, she cruised the east coast until 1 January 1883 when she sailed on a 3-year hydrographic survey that took her completely around the world. Her findings on this cruise added materially to the knowledge of the oceans, their currents, and their bottoms. Enterprise was decommissioned at New York on 21 March 1886. Placed back in commission on 4 October 1887, Enterprise sailed from Boston in January 1888 for 2 years in the waters of Europe, the Mediterranean, and the east coast of Africa, where she showed the flag and looked out for United States interests. She returned to New York in March 1890 and was decommissioned on 20 May.

Enterprise was again commissioned 8 July 1890, and for the next year operated principally in the Caribbean. From September 1891 until September 1892 she served as training and practice ship at the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. On 17 October 1892 at Boston, she was lent to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for duty as a maritime schoolship. In that capacity she trained cadets for some 17 years. Returned to the Navy on 4 May 1909, Enterprise was sold on 1 October 1909.

Published: Tue Jul 07 13:54:56 EDT 2015