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(Monitor: t. 3,033; l. 312'; b. 50'; dr. 20'; s. 10 k.; cpl. 174; a. 2 15" sb.)

A person invested with absolute power.

Dictator, a single-turreted ironclad monitor, was launched 26 December 1863 by Delamater Iron Works, New York, N.Y., under contract with John Ericsson; and commissioned 11 November 1864, Commander J. Rodgers in command.

Assigned to duty with North Atlantic Blockading Squadron, Dictator cruised on the Atlantic coast from 15 December 1864 until placed out of commission 5 September 1865 at League Island Navy Yard. She remained in ordinary there until 1869.

Recommissioned 20 July 1869 Dictator served with the North Atlantic Fleet until 28 June 1871 when she was again placed out of commission. She was in ordinary at New York Navy Yard until 12 January 1874 when she was commissioned for service on the North Atlantic Station. Dictator was decommissioned at League Island 1 June 1877 and remained there until sold 27 September 1883.