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(AM-150: dp. 650; l. 184'6"; b. 33'0"; dr. 9'9"; s. 14.8 k.; cpl. 104; a. 1 3", 4 40mm.; cl. Admirable)

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Barrier (AM-150) was laid down on 7 December 1942 at Tampa, Florida, by the Tampa Shipbuilding Company, Incorporated; launched on 23 February 1943; sponsored by Mrs. Eugenie Bradford, wife of Lieutenant L. M. Bradford, Assistant Technical Officer (Hull) at the builder’s yard; and commissioned on 10 May 1944, Lt. Donald T. Ehrmann, USMC, in command.

Following outfitting and shakedown training, Barrier transited the Panama Canal late in July and made a stop at San Francisco early in August before beginning duty in Alaskan waters on 14 August. The minesweeper performed convoy escort and minesweeping duties in the Aleutian Islands for the next 11 months. On 18 July 1945, Barrier was decommissioned at Cold Bay, Alaska, and was simultaneously transferred to the Soviet Navy under lend lease. The Soviets have retained her since that time. Barrier was carried on the American Navy list as MSF 150 after 7 February 1955 until struck on 1 January 1983.

Raymond A. Mann

24 February 2006

Published: Tue Jun 23 09:36:30 EDT 2015