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Arawan II

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Caption: Arawan II (SP-1), photographed during World War I. Note the canvas-covered .30-caliber machine gun aft, and 1-pounder forward. (NH 57039)

(Yacht: dp. 61; 1. 71'1"; b. 16'11"; dr. 9' (f.); s. 9 k.; cpl. 12; a. 1 1-pdr., 1 .30-cal. mg.)

Arawan II (SP-1), a motor yacht constructed in 1912 at Essington, Pa., by J. S. Shepard, was acquired by the Navy from Mr. Charles Longstreth on 27 March 1917 and commissioned at the Philadelphia Navy Yard on 9 April 1917, Lt. Comdr. Charles Longstreth, USNRF, in command.

Assigned to the section patrol, Arawan II served in the 4th Naval District throughout the time the United States participated in World War I, patrolling Delaware Bay and the Delaware River. On 29 November 1918, the yacht was placed out of commission at Philadelphia and was returned to her owner who had been her commanding officer throughout her naval service.

Published: Wed Jan 20 08:39:41 EST 2016