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L45-40.08.02 USS Caliente (AO 53)

<p>L45-40.08.02 USS Caliente (AO 53)</p>
Title: L45-40.08.02 USS Caliente (AO 53) 
Caption: "Finde'em Fuel'em and Forget'em - The USS Caliente (AO 53) find the USS Salisbury Sound (AV 13) at Buckner Bay, Okinawa and transfers many thousands of gallons of aviation gasoline to the Giant Tender during a unique "nose to tail" method. The Salisbury Sound at Anchor in Buckner Bay, tending patrol planes of Task Force 72 flying reconnaissance missions in the East China Sea, called for gasoline refueling. ComServRon 3 (CTF 73), the Seventh Fleet's Mobile Logistic Agent sent Caliente with the "GAS". Salisbury Sound, in addition to tending planes in the Buckner Bay Seadrome, had a P5M on deck for an engine change. The wing of the mammoth patrol seaplane extended over the side, making the bow to stern, at anchor, method of replenishing aviation gasoline necessary. One more proof of "Fleet Mobility" and one more feather in the cap of Navy Service Force Support.  
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