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To the Ends of the Earth and Beyond


To the Ends of the Earth and Beyond is a curriculum-based program and Navy Museum tour focusing on the role of the United States Navy in exploration and diplomacy throughout history. In order for your students to have a successful experience at the Museum we encourage you to use as many of the activities in this packet as possible. This packet is divided into four sections (Navigation, To the Ends of the Poles, Commodore Perry and Japan, and Undersea Exploration)and contains activities that develop skills in writing, map reading, researching, critical thinking, and creative expression, while providing a historical look at important naval accomplishments.

To the Ends of the Earth and Beyond is most appropriate for students in grades 4 through 8. We hope your students will incorporate what they have learned from these materials with exhibits at The Navy Museum for a more fulfilling educational experience.

If you have any suggestions about this program or any other comments, please contact the Education Department at (202) 433-6826 or (202) 433-4995.


Navigation Commodore Perry and Japan
Biography: Matthew Fontaine Maury Biography: Matthew C. Perry
Research and Report Vocabulary
Vocabulary Japanese Class System
Word search Perry's Longitude and Latitude
Charting the Seas-Latitude and Longitude Guess Who? Activity
Longitude Activities It's the Thought that Counts Activity
Other Activities Discussion Questions
The Navy Travels to the Poles Undersea Exploration
Background Information Background information
Biography: Finn Ronne Biography: Robert Ballard
Polar Opposites Undersea Vocabulary
Polar Projects Questions and Activities Questions and Activities
Polar Journals Challenges Undersea
Polar Time Line Aquanauts and Sea Labs
Antarctic Treaty System

Published: Wed Oct 12 11:07:05 EDT 2022