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Polar Projects

  1. Looking at a map or globe, sketch the Arctic or Antarctic and their surrounding regions. Using the chart on the next page, sketch either region. Try to position your drawing to meet the correct latitudes and longitudes of the real location. Locate three other landmarks on or around the region you have chose. Find their latitude and longitude and mark them on your chart.
  2. Design a house that would be suitable for life in the Polar Regions. You may need to do some research to identify types of materials you would use. Draw a sketch of your house.
  3. Prepare a packing list of the things you would take with you on a trip to the Polar Regions. Identify the uses and importance of each object.


Ponder these Polar Problems

  1. Seasons occur because of the rotation of the Earth on an axis around the sun. Do polar regions have seasons? Why or why not?
  2. The Arctic and Antarctic waters contain a variety of animal life. How do these animals survive in such harsh conditions?
  3. Choose an animal that lives in the Polar Regions. Research and report on this animal and its methods for adapting to a frigid environment.

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