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Guess Who?

    1.I was the religious leader of Japan. I lived in a palace but I was not allowed to leave the palace grounds.

    Who am I? ________________________________________

    2. I led the squadron from the United States to Japan. I served in the Navy for many years, but this was my most important mission.

    Who am I? ________________________________________

    3. When the Japanese saw me for the first time, they thought I looked like dragons puffing smoke.

    What am I? _______________________________________

    4. I led Commodore Perry's fleet into Edo Bay and hosted an important banquet.

    What am I? _______________________________________

    5. I was a master of farmers, artisans and merchants. I was also a fierce and feared warrior.

    Who am I? _______________________________________

    6. I sent Commodore Perry to negotiate a treaty with Japan. I was the leader of my country.

    Who am I? _________________________________________

    7. I was achieved after much negotiating between Japan and the United States.

    What am I? _______________________________________

    8. We were the two Japanese ports opened to American ships in 1854.

    What are we? ____________________________________

    9. I am a celebration held in Newport, Rhode Island, and Shimoda, Japan, to commemorate peace between Japan and the United States.

    What am I? ________________________________________

Answer Key




Published: Wed Oct 12 11:07:06 EDT 2022