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Undersea Vocabulary

  1. Aquanaut- A scuba diver who lives and operates both inside and outside an underwater shelter for an extended period.

  2. Bathyscaph- A guided submersible ship for deep-sea exploration having a spherical watertight cabin attached to its underside.

  3. Bathysphere - A strong steel diving sphere for deep-sea observation.

  4. Dive - To submerge.

  5. Hull - The frame or body of a ship.

  6. Hydrogen bomb - A bomb whose violent explosive power is caused by the sudden release of atomic energy.

  7. Luminous- Emitting light or glowing.

  8. Oceanography - A science that studies the oceans, including the determination of their depth, the physics and chemistry of their waters, marine biology, and the exploitation of their resources.

  9. Propulsion - The action or process of driving forward or onward.

  10. Sphere - A globe or ball.

  11. Submersible - a vessel capable of descending under water

  12. Surface Ship - ship that operates above the water.

  13. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution-A private, nonprofit research organization divided into five science departments: Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering; Biology; Geology and Geophysics; Marine Chemistry; Geochemistry and Physical Oceanography.



Published: Wed Oct 12 11:07:07 EDT 2022