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U.S. Navy Ship and Underwater Submersible Models

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U.S. Navy Ship and Underwater Submersible Models

Please click on the name for a history and the location of the model. 


USS Albany (CG-10) 

Alfred (Continental Navy ship)

Allen M. Sumner class destroyer

Alvin (DSV-2)

USS Atlanta (protected cruiser) 


USS Balao (SS-285, later AGSS-285)

USS Baltimore (Cruiser #3)

Bonhomme Richard (Continental Navy frigate)

USS Brooklyn (Armored Cruiser #3)


USS Carronade (IFS-1)

USS Cheyenne (Monitor #10), previously USS Wyoming

USS Columbia (CL-56)

USS Congress (frigate)

USS Constellation (frigate)

USS Constitution (frigate)

USS Corsair (SP-159)

USS Crosley (APD-87)


USS Enterprise (CVAN-65)

USS Essex (frigate)


USS Forrestal (CVA-59)

USS Fort Marion (LSD-22)


Hannah (Continental Navy schooner)

USS Hartford (Patrol Gunboat #9)

USS Houston (CA-30)


USS Improve (AM-247)


USS Kearsarge (sloop-of-war)

USS Kearsarge (Battleship #5)



USS Leyte (CV-32)



USS Lunga Point (CVE-94)


USS Manley (Destroyer #74)

USS Maine (Battleship #10)

USS Miami (side-wheel, double-ender gunboat)

USS Miantonomoh (Monitor #5, later BM-5)

USS Missouri (BB-63)

USS Monitor (ironclad)


USS New Jersey (BB-62)

USS New York (Armored Cruiser #2)

USS Newport News (CA-148) *Note, Newport News is currently on display at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum

USS Niagara (brig)

USS Northampton (CLC-1, later CC-1)


USS Olympia (Cruiser #6)

USS Oregon (Battleship #3)


USS Panay (PG-45, later PR-5)

USS Patrick Henry (SSBN-599, later SSN-599)


USS Pennsylvania (Armored Cruiser #4) 

Philadelphia (Continental Navy gondola)

USS Pigeon (ASR-21)

Plunger-class submarine

USS Powhatan (side-wheel steam frigate)

USS PT-109


Raleigh (Continental Navy frigate)

USS Ranger (CV-4)

Rudderlow-class destroyer


USS S-3 (SS-107)

USS S-48 (SS-159)

USS Salem (Scout Cruiser #3)

USS Salmon (SS-182)

USS Sampson (Destroyer #63)

USS Sangamon (CVE-26)


USS Shark (schooner)

USS South Carolina (Battleship #26)


USS Taconic (AGC-17)

USS Tennessee (BB-34)

USS Thomaston (LSD-28) 

USS Thresher (SSN-593)

Trieste (bathyscaphe)


USS Vermont (ship-of-the-line)

USS Vesuvius (dynamite-gun cruiser)


USS Wabash (screw-steam frigate)

USS Wainwright (DD-419)

USS Washburn (AKA-108)

Washington (Continental Navy galley)

USS Winslow (Torpedo Boat #5)

USS Worchester (CL-144)