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Ships to the Sea (grades 2-5)

Make the Most of Your Museum Visit

In this section, you will find pre-museum visit materials for The Navy Museum's program Ships to the Sea. The materials introduce your students to the world of ship technology and naval terminology. Please take some time to go over these materials with your students before visiting the Museum.

This program is appropriate for grades 2-4 and was designed in accordance with local and national social studies standards. All materials may be reproduced.

To schedule a Ships to the Sea tour, contact the Museum at 202-433-6826. We welcome all comments on our pre-visit materials.


Lesson Plan



  1. Students trace the development of ship technology to understand the importance of maritime transportation.
  2. Students study ship design and use nautical vocabulary to understand that ships are small communities.
  3. Students build a wooden ship model at the Museum to link their knowledge of ship construction with objects they saw during their visit.