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The National Museum of the U.S. Navy is commited to accessiblity for all visitors to understand the history of the United States Navy.   


The museum is on ground level and visiitors pass through a set of double doors, the inner doors are propped open.  

Information for Visitors with Limited Mobility

In the Parking Lot

Please call 202-685-0589 and let representative know you need a wheel chair as you will be dropping the person off at the front of the museum.   You will need to leave a photo ID while you use the wheel chair and, once returned, you will receive the ID back.   

If there isn't a disabled parking spot located near the museum, please let the staff know as we may have access to an extremely limited parking area, or the non-disabled person can then park and return to enjoy the museum with the person who needs the wheelchair.  

Inside the Museum

We are fully accessible by wheelchair.   Wheelchairs are available free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis from the Front Information Desk.  

The museum is one-level.  

We invite those who have personal walkers, wheelchairs, and scooters.  

Permanent benches are located in the museum. 


Our museum is equipped with fully accessible HP stalls.  

Service Dogs

Service dogs specifically trained to assist a person with a disability are welcome. 

Watch Your Step

Many of our galleries are accessible, but few have "Watch Your Step" signs.   Please be on the lookout for those in the American Revolution and Into the Lion's Den areas.   




Published: Tue May 09 13:22:44 EDT 2023