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Prior Event Cards

This section houses event cards for prior events held at the National Museum of the U.S. Navy.   

The cards are displayed in random order.   Contact the Education Department to set up an event in the future. 

Event Card – Tom Clancy

Event Card – Endurance: Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition

Event Card – Walter Boyne: Clash of Wings: World War II in the Air

Event Card – Alvin in the Wonderland: The Story of the Deep Diving Submarine

Event Card: Michael A. Palmer, Guardians of the Gulf

Event Card: Dr. Russel Adams: From the Depths of History: The Merchant Slaver Henrietta Marie

Event Card: A Gentlemanly and Honorable Profession: The Creation of the Naval Officer Corps: 1794-1815

Event Card: Eugene B. Canfield: Civil War Ordnance

Event Card: Patrick Robinson: Nimitz Class book

Event Card: Ronald H. Spector: After Tet: The Bloodiest Year of the War

Event Card: Dino A. Brugioni: Eyeball to Eyeball: The Inside Story of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Event Card: Thomas B. Allen and Norman Polmar: Code-Name DownFall (The Secret Plan to Invade Japan- and Why Truman Dropped the Bomb).