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New NMUSN Exhibit

The United States Navy has embarked on an exciting journey to tell its history by redesigning and reimagining the Navy’s National Museum.


Since its founding in October 1775, the U. S. Navy has played a pivotal role in securing American maritime interests. In its early years, the Navy was a regional force that focused on protecting the U.S. coast and seaborne commerce.


Today, the Navy comprises hundreds of ships and thousands of Sailors, operating all over the world from the deepest parts of the ocean to outer space, impacting our lives in fascinating ways. The new museum campus will show visitors how the Navy has confronted past challenges and fulfilled new obligations to evolve into today’s modern fighting force while illustrating the Navy’s importance to broader political, social, and cultural historical developments in the United States.


By connecting Navy tradition and history to current operational priorities, the new museum will serve as an important partner in enhancing Navy readiness.