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Activities and Questions

  1. Make a list of reasons for exploring the ocean.

  2. How are Alvin and Trieste able to solve some of the problems that scientists and explorers face when deep underwater?

  3. Create a design for a deep submersible vehicle (DSV). It can be manned or unmanned. Remember that it must withstand the pressure of the deep ocean.

  4. Alvin and Trieste are able to move underwater the same way as a submarine. What is the difference between these ships and submarines?

  5. Why was the Titanic easier to explore using Alvin and Jason Jr.? Why do people explore sunken ships? What can we learn from wrecks like the Titanic?


Discussion Questions:

The following questions can be answered individually or as a group.

  1. Compare and contrast Alvin and Trieste. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each ship?

  2. Ballast and diving planes are used to operate submarines and submersibles underwater. Briefly explain how each one works and how they make underwater exploration possible.

  3. A ship has sunk at sea. Its exact location is unknown. How will explorers be able to find it? What methods of mapping and sonar exploration are most useful in developing a plan for finding the sunken ship?

  4. There are many kinds of deep submergence vehicles (DSV). Some are built to carry scientists and pilots while others operate as robots controlled by computer systems or manual control. Jason Jr. is one such unmanned DSV. What are the uses of a DSV and when do scientists utilize them most?

  5. Why was Alvin's mission to recover the hydrogen bomb more successful then the Trieste's missions to find USS Thresher? What were the dangers and obstacles of both missions? Were the scientists of each mission able to overcome them? How?




Published: Wed Oct 12 11:07:08 EDT 2022