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Student Question Sheet

The following questions ask you to use the poem and poster as historical evidence to discover the world of a rookie sailor's life.

1. How does the recruiting poster portray the U.S. Navy?

2. According to the poem, what was life like in the U.S. Navy for a rookie? 

3. Why is the poster's message different from the poem's description of life aboard a Navy ship?

4. Using both the poem and the poster, how is the sailor's life different at sea from a life on land?

5. What does this poem tell us about women's and men's roles around 1900?

6. How can a reader use this poem and poster as historical evidence when researching theAmerica of a century ago? Why does the reader need to use caution when interpreting a poem or a recruiting poster?

7. Write your own poem describing an adjustment you have made, such as to a new school, grade, or place. Or, design your own "recruiting" poster to join a club, sport, or activity. We would love to see your poetry, so e-mail your creations to us at:





Published: Wed Oct 12 11:07:02 EDT 2022