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Nautical Vocabulary List: Ships To The Sea

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bow: the front of a ship.

bulkhead: the walls of a ship.

bunk: a bed on a ship.

convoy: a group of ships traveling together for protection.

fleet: a group of ships.

galley: the kitchen on a ship.

hull: the frame of a ship.

keel: the backbone of a ship.

landlubber: a person who prefers the land to the sea.

line: rope used on a ship.

mast: a long pole rising from the keel through the deck, which generally holds sails.

mess: the area where meals are served and eaten.

navy: a nation's entire military organization for sea warfare and defense, including vessels, personnel, and shore establishments.

overhead: the ceiling of a ship.

port: the left side of a ship when facing the bow.

rigging: the ropes and other equipment used to raise the sails.

rudder: a moveable flat piece of wood or metal attached to the back of the ship that turns to steer the vessel.

starboard: the right side of the ship when facing the bow.

stern: the back of a ship.

turret: a revolving structure on a warship with guns mounted inside.

vessel: a hollow structure used on water, such as a boat or ship.

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