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The Navy and The Flu

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The Navy and The Flu - A War Within A War by James L. Leuci, MCPO, USN (Ret)

This document is a high level overview of the influenza pandemic during 1918 that resulted in the death of over 5,000 naval personnel.  The majority of information and statistics come from annual reports by the Navy Surgeon General to the Secretary of the Navy between 1918 and 1924.  

While the situation is different from World War I, (Covid-19 vs Influenza) there are many procedural similarities and lessons in how the Navy and the country dealt with the pandemic during 1918 and 1920. 

Download the pamphlet -- here.   

Biography of James L. Leuci, ITCM, USN (Ret.)


Jim Leuci served in the Navy and Navy Reserve for forty-two years before retiring in May 2016. He was attached to Navy Reserve unit that supported the Navy History and Heritage Command between 2005 and 2016. He was recalled to active duty, for over two years, in 2014 to support the Navy Reserve Centennial.

Over the years, he has written articles on naval history that have appeared in All Hands Magazine, The Naval Reservist Magazine (TNR), and the Chief Petty Officer 365 Development Guide. He is the author of “A Tradition of Change CPO Initiations to CPO 365” and “Navy Women in Ships- A Deployment to Equality 1942-1982.” He was also a lead contributor for “Ready Then Ready Now Ready Always” a book on the history of the Navy Reserve as well as another book published by the U. S. Navy Memorial titled “History of the Chief Legacy of Excellence.”

Jim is also retired from NASA Langley Research Center where he was employed as a Computer Engineer for 30 years. He retired from NASA in January 2014 to in order to return to active duty with the Navy. Today, he still works as a volunteer at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum Annex on Naval Station Norfolk presenting naval history and heritage programs to active duty Sailors in support of Sailor 360 and CPO 365 Phase 2 education.

Jim and his wife Susan have been married for 39 years and reside in Hayes, VA, in Gloucester County.



Published: Fri Jun 25 07:25:08 EDT 2021