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Atlantic Charter Conference:  August 9-12, 1941

With the United Kingdom's situation becoming increasingly precarious with the successes of Germany in 1941, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill met with United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt in August 1941 onboard USS Augusta (CA-31) in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland.  Prime Minister Churchill was transported by the Royal Navy battleship HMS Prince of Wales.   The Atlantic Charter declared United States support for the United Kingdom and presented both as being as one against Germany.   The charter outlined goals in the war, emphasizing the principles of freedom, self-determination, peace, and cooperation.   Amongst other items privately discussed were the U.S. Navy supporting British merchant ships on Atlantic Convoys and the defeat of Germany upon the United States' entry into the Second World War.   The unsigned declaration of joint unity was released to the public on August 14.  

Image:  80-G-26848:  Atlantic Charter, August 1941.  Informal group showing President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill on deck of HMS Prince of Wales  Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collection of the National Archives.