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WWII: Allied Conferences

S.Allied Conferences

Beginning with the Atlantic Charter in August 1941 between British Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill and United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Allied leaders discussed the goals of Second World War and how to deal with Germany.   Later joined by Soviet Leader Joseph Stalin, the senior Allied leaders periodically met (Casablanca and Tehran in 1943 followed with Yalta and Potsdam in 1945) to draw up plans on how to defeat the Axis powers and to put forth solutions on how to deal with the conquered lands after defeat.   As the war came to a conclusion, the meetings were met with tension between the Soviet Union and the other Allies, which also contributed to the Cold War.  

Image:  Lot-11597-3:   Tehran Conference, November 28-Decebmer 1, 1943.  Left to right:  Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Prime Minister Winston Churchill at the Russian Embassy, Tehran, Iran.  U.S. Army Photograph, now in the Office of War Information Collection.  Courtesy of the Library of Congress.