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The Tehran Conference:  Novmeber 28-December 2, 1943

In late November 1943 while war continued in Europe for the U.S. Navy with the Italian Campaign and in the Pacific with the Gilbert and Marshall Islands Campaign, the "Big Three" Allied leaders met for the first time at Tehran, Iran.  Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill strategized and organized plans on opening up a second front in France to direct German pressure away from the Russian Eastern Front.   At the meeting, a plan was developed for a cross-channel invasion of France (Operation Overlord).   Other items discussed were the post-war fate of Eastern Europe and Germany, directions to take with Turkey and Iran during the war, future operations in the Pacific, and a vision of the United Nations.  

Image:   LC-Lot-11597-1:  Tehran Conference, November 28 to December 1943.  Courtesy of the Library of Congress.