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USS Tenessee (BB-43): Timeline of Events


This is a chronological report of all reports received by ship's service telephone and other means, and recorded in Central Station during action on December 7, 1941. A few of the following entries are not entirely accurate, as can be realized by reading the "Narrative of Events of Action", nor is this report to be considered absolutely complete. Read the full action report. 


0758 - Attacked by enemy planes (Japanese).
---- - Oily water around stern burning.
---- - Canvas awning on stern on fire, Turret III.
---- - Smoke pouring into Repair I. Smoke so thick, cannot see.
---- - Repair I have man standby magazine flood, Turret III.
---- - All boats on fire.
---- - Fire in maintop. secondary aft.
---- - Fire in maintop seems to be out.
---- - West Virginia's quarterdeck and planes on fire.
---- - Fire on Turret III.
---- - Could not get morphine out of doctor's room because it was unsafe; men report that room was too hot to go in and cut safe open.
---- - D-310 excessively hot - investigate.
---- - Squadron of planes diving on Navy Yard.
---- - Repair I, unit 3, abandoned station - too hot.
---- - Fire on topside seems to be under control.
---- - D-310-A is all right.
---- - Set Condition ZED in lower handling room of Turret III.
---- - Oklahoma seems to be capsizing.
---- - California down by the stern.
---- - West Virginia has pretty bad fire below Signal Bridge.
NOTE: Tennessee was hit twice, soon after attack began; one hit (bomb) on face of Turret II, and bomb hit on top of Turret III, penetrating.
0930 - Enemy planes coming in on port beam.
---- - West Virginia's gangway still burning.
0940 - Wounded being removed from the West Virginia.
---- - Oklahoma upside down.
---- - Bow blown away on Arizona.
---- - Destroyers getting underway on other side of Ford Island.
---- - Fire either on Argonne or dock.
---- - Air attack coming in on starboard bow.
---- - West Virginia on fire from Turret I to bow. Flames up as high as foretop.
---- - Fire on port quarter (oil on water).
---- - Firemain ruptured, port side, boat deck. (False Report)
0948 - Planes coming in on starboard bow; do not know whether enemy or friendly.
---- - Ship will not get underway until further orders. Engineering Department, standby.
---- - Destroyer getting underway from Navy Yard.
---- - Unidentified ship in Pearl Harbor down by stern.
0951 - Lighter alongside starboard beam on fire (ammunition lighter, top blown out, can see no ammunition on it).
0954 - Bow of Maryland on fire.
0955 - Still playing fire hose on ammunition lighter. Fire seems to be under control.
0956 - Solace getting underway.
0958 - Fire on bow of Maryland under control.
---- - Superstructure on West Virginia on fire - 4 or 5 men trapped, trying to escape by crane.
---- - Fire (oil on water) at our stern is out.
---- - Fire very close to D-310-M.
1002 - Flood D-310-M (D-306-M and D-312-M also flooded, not isolated).
1005 - West Virginia preparing to abandon ship.
1008 - Arizona aflame all over.
1010 - Planes approaching from starboard beam; did not come in.
1020 - Arizona looks as if she is on the bottom.
---- - Word passed for the 5th division to lay aft to relieve the fire party.
1024 - Torpedo boats leaving harbor.
1027 - People coming from West Virginia on board Tennessee by way of a five inch gun.
1032 - Arizona abandoning ship.
---- - Repair II reports all C&R soundings normal.
---- - Repair IV reports all soundings normal.
---- - Repair III reports all soundings normal.
---- - Pull circuit L28 at Aft Distribution Board.
---- - Mr. Teague says hatches cannot be opened from inside wardroom country - too hot.
1033 - Ship 6° down by stern from flooding of D-306, D-312-M.
1036 - Unit 2, Repair I, combatting fire in W.R. country.
NOTE: Dead man forward of conning tower, sent stretcher party.
1058 - Naval Air Station planes in air.
1100 - Repair II told to open drain valve and core valves in GSK. Valves to Sk Bay.
---- - Enemy plane coming in on bow. All hands, not engaged in fighting fire, seek cover.
1103 - Destroyer putting to sea, (other side of Ford Island).
---- - Gasoline stowage filled with CO2.
1121 - 2° list to port.
1130 - Bridge steering telegraph out (being repaired).
---- - Sending planes from Hickam Field.
1135 - Two planes bearing 270°
1136 - Light cruiser putting out to sea.
---- - Turning engines over, to keep fire on water away from ship.
1150 - Channel reported to have been mined.
---- - Told repair III to rig submersible pump in wardroom country, and pump water overboard via port hole. Power from steering aft.
1156 - Army fortresses up in the air.
---- - Believe enemy planes and submarines lying in channel.
1210 - Draft of ship (internal): Fwd, 34' 6"; Aft, 35' 10¼"; Mean, 35' 4¼"
---- - Enemy transport reported 40 miles off Barber's point.
---- - Parachute troops landing on Barber's Point (later, proved false).
---- - After Battle dressing Station send stretcher party to left gun, Turret III, and remove casualties.
---- - Three planes on starboard beam coming this way (do not know whether enemy or no). Said planes flying low; apparently, turning away.
---- - Organize a crew of about 30 men to relieve men of Turret IV who are fighting fire on water.
1230 - Secure all fresh water, except galley and drinking.
1245 - Planes on port bow (do not know whether enemy or not).
1246 - California sinking fast, stern underwater.
---- - Close all topside hatches, as turrets will be fired. (Did not).
---- - Gun four port reported Hoist #22, 5"/51, in B-510 was damaged.
---- - Powder can be sent up, but is slowed.
---- - Draft of ship, Fwd: 34'9".
---- - Magazine temperature of Turret I - 84°.
1340 - Plane coming in on starboard beam. (Proved to be friendly).
1415 - Set Condition ZED from Turret III, second deck, aft.
---- - Repair I, unit 2, leading out fire hose to play water on West Virginia.
---- - Received report that one of our destroyers sank Jap sub.
1500 - Report states that Wake Island had been bombed by 30 bombers.
---- - Ens. Kable still alive. Hudgell dead; also, Miller and Adams.
1551 - Repair 4 - all outboard voids normal. All sounding normal.
NOTICE: Pennsylvania had been hit while in dry dock.
---- - No. 2 MG repaired, and in commission again.
1628 - Open up wardroom country and sleepy hollow.
---- - Fire on West Virginia seems to be under control.
---- - Repair I cut off #32 vent system; smoke coming down.
1647 - Told Fwd Battle Dressing Station to send doctor and stretcher party to West Virginia bridge to get Captain.
---- - Ship astern (Arizona) blew up.
---- - Two planes bearing 350°.
1659 - Engines ahead 1/3.
---- - Engines ahead 1/3.
---- - Repairs 2 and 4p - send 2 rescue breathers each, and spare Oxygen bottles to starboard side of West Virginia quarterdeck.
1703 - Word received to stop main engines.
---- - Delivered 6 gas masks to West Virginia.
1755 - Plane, bearing 345. Plane signalled with red light; did not understand meaning of signal.
1823 - Plane bearing about 300.
1833 - Plane bearing about 345. (Running lights on; believed friendly).
1835 - Plane on port beam; running light on.
1837 - Plane coming in from dead ahead; bright lights on it.
1838 - Plane bearing about 245.
1855 - Enterprise plane approaching Oahu.
1900 - Plane bearing from dead ahead; running lights burning.
1953 - Word passed over loudspeaker: "All men having hammocks in port hammock nettings remove them, and stow same inboard.
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