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USS Ramapo (AO-12): Timeline of Events




0756 About four enemy bombers attacked the Naval Air Station coming in, apparently, from south, dropping their bombs on the south end of Ford Island. One hanger was struck and set on fire and some PBYs near the ramp were destroyed. These planes were first identified as Japanese because of the insignia on their fuselage. As they wheeled away the insignia on their upper and lower sides of their wings would be seen.
0758 Ramapo went to General Quarters. Ships in the harbor gradually opened fire with A.A. batteries and A.A. machine guns.
0800 Single engined, single-winged torpedo planes carrying one torpedo each commenced an attack on the battleships at Ford Island, coming in along the channel from the Submarine Base and flying astern of the Ramapo. We opened fire as soon as possible, about 0806 with machine guns and approximately 0810 with the 3". Our ammunition was ready in ready boxes and the gunnery officer gave the order to the machine guns to open fire on any enemy aircraft without further orders. Five enemy planes were destroyed in this attack.
0807 Emergency SAIL hoisted on Signal Tower. Arizona hit by torpedo.
0809 Arizona hit by second torpedo. About two minutes later a spurt of flame came out of guns in #2 turret, followed by explosion of forward magazines. The foremast leaned forward, and the whole forward part of the ship enveloped in flame and smoke and continued to burn fiercely.
0814 The Oklahoma suffered two hits by torpedoes. She commenced settling and later turned over.
0820 West Virginia hit by one or two torpedoes amidships, which caused her to commence settling slowly. These hits also caused her to burn amidships.
0820 California hit by one torpedo, commenced listing slowly to port until about 13° list was reached.
0830 Dive bombing attacks by single engined monoplanes aimed generally at the Naval Air Station, battleships and drydocks. Oglala was apparently hit in this attack as she was seen to be listed soon afterwards.
0910 Nevada got underway and stood out of channel, firing continuously, but was attacked by torpedo planes when off the drydocks, and at the same time was subjected to heavy dive bombing attack. She later was beached.
Dive bombers attacked Navy Yard and Hickam Field. Five bombs from high altitude horizontal bombers, (two-motored) struck the water close to Rigel showering her, the destroyers to port of her, the New Orleans and Ramapo with shrapnel or bomb fragments. This attack destroyed the Downes and Cassin who were in the drydock ahead of thePennsylvania, for a cloud of flame and smoke was seen in the general direction of the drydock. Later a second cloud was observed to the right of the first one. It was later determined that this was the Shaw and the floating drydock. The MTBs on the deck of the Ramapo opened fire during this attack and the PT 30 hit one plane that was attacking the battleships.
1020 CL underway from a berth north of Ford Island.
1115 Raleigh observed to have been damaged for she had a list of about 15°.
1125 Enemy planes passed over to starboard.
1132 CL underway from Navy Yard.
1135 Enemy planes flew over to port.
1140 Detroit stood out.
  The torpedo planes launched their torpedoes from a height of about 20 feet, for we were looking down on them from the signal bridge, and at a distance of about 500 or 600 yards from the battleships.

Our fire apparently did not effect the high altitude horizontal bombers, for none broke formation. They were flying in a five plane V formation, and only five bombs were dropped from one formation at a time.

Published: Wed Oct 12 11:07:09 EDT 2022