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Collections Manager Wesley Schwenk

Collections Manager Wesley Schwenk attending to a baseball glove.

Collections Manager Wesley Schwenk attending to a baseball glove.  

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Do you ever wonder what happens to artifacts when they aren’t on display?   Collections care is a large and integral part of museum work.  Objects get packed to protect them from damage, theft, pests, light, environmental conditions, and other factors.  They get stored to preserve them for future display, on and off site in special collection facilities.   Join Registrar Wesley Schwenk as he gives an overview of how objects get packed at a museum. 

About the Speaker:   Wesley Schwenk received his BA in History from The Pennsylvania State University and his MA in History with a concentration in Public History from La Salle University.  He has worked with multiple local historical societies, the Independence Seaport Museum, the National Park Service at Valley Forge National Historical Park, the National Archives, and the Naval History and Heritage Command.   He joined the National Museum of the U.S. Navy in the spring of 2019.

Published: Fri Apr 21 07:17:38 EDT 2023