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<p>NMUSN: WWI: France:&nbsp; Naval Air Station:&nbsp; Brest</p>

U.S. Naval Air Station: Brest: France

U.S. Naval Air Station: Brest, France

The U.S. Naval Air Station at Brest, France was commissioned as a Naval Base on October 7, 1917 and switched over to a Naval Air Station in February 1918.  The base supported seaplane patrols and kite balloon facilities with Lieutenant Grattan C. Dichman in command.   Lieutenant William M. Corry, Jr., later commanded the station.   Previously, he commanded the station at Le Croisic, France.  The northwestern France base disestablished in February 1919. 

Image:   NH 113663:  U.S. Naval Air Station, Brest, France, aerial, circa WWI.  U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.