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<p>NMUSN: WWI: England:&nbsp; Naval Air Stations:&nbsp; Killingholme</p>

U.S. Naval Air Station: England: Killingholme

U.S. Naval Air Station:  Killingholme, England

The U.S. Naval Air Station at Killingholme, England was established in July 1918 with Lieutenant Commander Kenneth Whiting, USN, in command.   The British turned turned the Royal Air Station over to the Americans, where they had flown on missions since February.   The north eastern England station was disestablished in January 1919 and turned back over to the British Royal Air Force.

Image:   NH 113566:   U.S. Naval Air Station, Killingholme, England, magazine, circa WWI.  U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.