Naval History and Heritage Command

National Museum of the U.S. Navy

Willard Park


Named after Admiral Arthur L. Willard, Commandant at the Washington Navy Yard during World War I who improved production, the park displays U.S. Navy and foreign artifacts.    A wide range of naval artifacts from different eras are on display.   Willard Park also provides visitors and employees with a small picnic area.   Some of the prior artifacts at Willard Park were:  the submersible Intelligent Whale; one of the 6”/30 guns salvaged from the armored cruiser Maine; a Japanese Kaiten Human Torpedo; and a German type XXVIIB “Seehund” midget submarine.     This section features views of the park throughout its history.


Image:   NH 81481:  Sixteen-inch, 50 Caliber, Mark 2, Mod.1, Gun Barrel, Willard Park, Washington Navy Yard, 1972.   Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.  


To learn more about Willard Park, please contact our Education Department for a spot on the next Walking Tour of the Washington Navy Yard.