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Willard Park


Named after Admiral Arthur L. Willard, Commandant at the Washington Navy Yard during World War I, who improved production during the war effort.  He also served as Commandant from 1927 to 1930.   The park displays a wide range of U.S. Navy and foreign artifacts.    Willard Park also provides visitors and employees with a small picnic area.   Some of the prior artifacts, which were arranged chronologically, on display at the park were:  the submersible Intelligent Whale; one of the 6”/30 guns salvaged from the armored cruiser Maine; a Japanese Kaiten Human Torpedo; and a German type XXVIIB “Seehund” midget submarine.     This section features views of the park throughout its history.


Image:   NH 81481:  Sixteen-inch, 50 Caliber, Mark 2, Mod.1, Gun Barrel, Willard Park, Washington Navy Yard, 1972.   Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.  


To learn more about Willard Park, please contact our Education Department for a spot on the next Walking Tour of the Washington Navy Yard.