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Guadalcanal:  Naval Battles:   Battle of Rennell Island:

The Battle of Rennell Island began on January 29, 1943, when Japanese shore-based aircraft attacked Task Force 18 cruisers and destroyers covering the movement of transports toward Guadalcanal.  The cruiser USS Chicago (CA-29) was damaged and sank the next day.  Aircraft from USS Enterprise (CV-6) turned away the attackers on January 30.  Task Force 18 bore the brunt of this attack, and the transports reached Guadalcanal and unloaded without any damage.  Task Force 18 was commanded by Rear Admiral Robert C. Giffen, USN.   Guadalcanal was evacuated by the Japanese in early February. 

Image:  NH 94681:   USS Chicago (CA-29), left, under tow at five knots by USS Louisville (CA-28), January 1943.  U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.