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1941:  December 8 to 1942 January 31:   Malayan Campaign

In addition to the Philippines, Hong Kong, Borneo, and Guam, the Japanese also invaded the Malay Peninsula on the northern coast at Kota Bharu on December 8.  The Malayan Campaign was mainly fought between the British Commonwealth Armies and Royal Thai Armies against the invasion force of the Japanese.   With success, the Japanese quickly drove down the Malayan Peninsula.  Despite Allied planes and submarines, notably USS Swordfish (SS-193), engaging the Japanese, nothing could stop the determined enemy as the Allies could not stop their superior naval and air power as they were spread too think.  The Allies eventually retreated to Singapore on January 31.  

Image:  LC-Lot-11612-18:  Malayan Campaign, December 1941-January 1942.   Brewster Buffalo fighters over Malaya coasts.   Courtesy of the Library of Congress.