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1942: June 4-7:  Battle of Midway

The Battle of Midway occurred when the U.S. Navy intercepted a Japanese invasion fleet heading for Midway Island, achieving an overwhelming victory and resulting in the turning point of the war in the Pacific.  Hard at work since early 1942, Commander Joseph Rochefort and his team at Station HYPO were able to analyze and partially break down the Japanese code for the attack.   At this point, the Japanese were on the defensive and never recovered from the loss of four aircraft carriers and numerous pilots.  

Image:  USAF Photograph 75712 AC.   Japanese aircraft carrier Hiryu maneuvering during a high-level bombing attack by USAAF B-17 bombers shortly after 8 a.m., June 4, 1942.  Note ship's flight deck markings including Katakana identification character "hi" on her after flight deck.  Image is cropped from USAF-3725.   Official U.S. Air Force Photograph, now in the collection of the National Archives.