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Invasion of Tinian:  July 24-August 1, 1944

Following a month-long naval gunfire and aircraft bombardment on July 24, 1944, Task Force 52 landed the Fourth Marine Division on Tinian, which continued the success at Saipan. Rear Admiral Harry W. Hill, USN, commanded the task force whilst Major General Harry Schmidt, USMC, commanded the Marines.    During the invasion, USS Colorado (BB-45) and USS Norman Scott (DD-690) were damaged by Japanese shore batteries.   The Marines remarked that the Japanese never seemed to have received the word they were secured and pockets of enemy resistance was fierce with large number of soldiers committing suicide rather than surrendering.   On August 1, the island was declared secure.   Despite the enemy resistance, General Holland M. Smith, USMC, declared the invasion, "the most perfect amphibious operation in the Pacific War."   Of note, almost a year later, the atomic bombs dropped on Japan were delivered to Tinian by USS Indianapolis (CA-35), which met her fate only a few days later.  

Image:  USMC 88112:  Invasion of Tinian, July-August 1944.   U.S. Marines demount from an LVT at the invasion beach, July 24, 1944.   Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives.