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Retreat of the Japanese:  October 26, 1944

The Battle of Leyte Gulf ended on October 26, 1944, with U.S. Navy carrier and United States Army Air Force aircraft continuing the attack on the retreating Japanese.   Task Force 38 planes sank light cruisers Abukuma, Kino, and Noshiro; destroyers Hayashimo, Uranami, and Nowaki, along with numerous smaller craft.   At at distinct disadvantage at the beginning of the battle, the Japanese Navy lost so many ships and men within a few days that it could only play a minor role during the remainder of World War II.

Image:  80-G-272513:   Retreat of the Japanese, Battle of Leyte Gulf, October 26, 1944.  Japanese destroyer under air attack off Southern Mindoro.  Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives.