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Dutch Harbor Attack:   June 3-4, 1942

To provide protection for Japan and to disrupt supplies between Russia and the United States, the Japanese Second Carrier Striking Force, led by Rear Admiral Kakuji Kakuta, attacked U.S. Naval Air Station Dutch Harbor and U.S. Army's Fort Myers, Aleutian Islands, Alaska on June 3, 1942.   Two Japanese carriers supported the aerial attack, Ryujo and Junyo.   During this attack, a Mitsubshi A6M2 "Zero" fighter crashed on Akutan Island.  The aircraft was found some weeks later and was a valuble resource for later air engagements.   In the next day's attack, the Japanese were more successful, hitting fuel-oil tanks and cutting power supplies.    On June 6, the Japanese took Kiska Island, followed with securing Attu Island the next day.  

Image:  80-G-595:   Attack on Dutch Harbor, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, June 4, 1942.   Shown:  Oil tanks burning after Japanese bombing.  Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now the collections of the National Archives.